The quest for decent groceries

My move to NYC in August 2009 prompted many points of concern, one being where shall I buy amazing cheese and great quality food in my neighborhood. If anyone has been uptown on the West side, they know that Harlem is not loaded with great grocery options. One diamond in the rough is Fairway.

Located at 2328 12th Avenue, Fairway brings open market flair to the big grocer concept. You are immediately entranced by the abundance of fresh foods and the exotic assortment comparable to few grocers in the neighborhood. This was the first grocery experience I had in NYC and outside of open markets few stores dare to compare. Check out these pics and see for yourself.

They also offer a great selection of Antipasto, delicious Gazpacho, and delectable baked treats at reasonable prices. Whether your shopping for one or shopping for the family, Fairway is as user-friendly as it gets. After all, where else can you buy baked lemon ricotta, a fresh baguette, custom olive oils and walk across the street to have a picnic on the Hudson?

I recommend the Baked Lemon Ricotta as a compliment to any dessert selection. It’s like pound cake, but better.

IMG-20101102-00007 IMG-20101102-00013 Manhattan-20101102-00003 IMG-20101102-00014 IMG-20101102-00015 IMG-20101102-00018 IMG-20101102-00017 IMG-20101102-00016 IMG-20101102-00011 IMG-20101102-00012 IMG-20101102-00006 Manhattan-20101102-00004


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