Found: Trinidadian food in the heart of FiDi

The victory of having jury duty was my 1.5hr lunch break. It was the first time I’ve had a lunch break really in 5 years.

I looked up nearby lunch spots and came across a review for a food truck specializing in Trinidadian food, Veronica’s Kitchen. Deal – I pulled it up on google maps, and despite the 15 min walk in the heat I was game.

I arrived, and to my pleasure there was a long line. Most people wouldn’t be excited about this, but to me this meant they had street cred. The diverse group of people in line only made it even clearer. I jumped in line and patiently waited my turn.

I was so excited to hear the voice of home in the owner Veronica. She pleasantly greeted each customer, many f whom she knew by name. They offered a range of options from roti with various fillings to peas and rice, macaroni pie, and bake and fish. I ordered the veggie roti. It consisted of roti filled with pumpkin, cabbage, and an assortment of vegetables. I was stuffed to the brim and happy, filled with the taste of home. Thank you Veronica for making just another Thursday feel like a day at home with family.


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