ABC Cocina

Thank goodness for the end of the summer city mass exodus, it opens up reservations at many places. This weekend we decided to try ABC Cocina. The restaurant is popular for its Latin American Fusion. The ABC group of restaurants are definitely infamous for the creative food from chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten featuring local, organic ingredients. We were really excited to taste how this translated into Latin American cuisine.

All in all, it was ok. I would recommend it if you have money to burn and don’t mind if it is hit or miss. If you’re tight with your wallet, and want to get the most delicious bang for you buck, you should pass.

Service: attentive and surprised my husband with a birthday creme brûlée. They did not really offer any compelling recommendations for food or drink.

Food: Average. The ingredients were definitely fresh, but none of the flavors were surprising or new. our favorites were the grilled corn and our friends loved the ham and cheese balls (not the official name). The octopus was a very small serving and was seasoned with what tasted like smoked paprika.  We were disappointed when we realized that 1/2 of the serving was potatoes and not the well-cooked charred octopus. The most original dessert was the almond cake, which was a favorite at the table. Since I have an almond allergy, so I tried the chocolate tart with spices. It rented my overall feelings on the restaurant, there was no flavor. I expected a rich, dark chocolate tart, with a little kick at the end. I got a rich, dark chocolate tart.

Price: too expensive for what you get. Perhaps we should try a few more things on the menu, but overall, it was a high bill for standard fare.

Ambiance: loved that it was not too loud. We could actually hear each other, which was awesome. Our seat was right by the door, but it didn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable or busy. The decor is lovely, as expected from ABC.

Sweet pea guacamole 

House made focaccia and sourdough from Sullivan street bakery

Ham and cheese in crusty balls  

Grilled corn deliciousness

Crispy fish tacos  


Grilled octopus

Surprise birthday creme brulee

Soft And Crunchy Almond Cake concord grape sorbet

Churros with cajeta

Spiced chocolate tart with creme fraiche

Vanilla Bon bons (not the official name)


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