Caribbean Japanese fusion

another day another lazy meal. 

We took our leftover roti and made a quick breakfast. 

You can use any type of flatbread. We used Trinidadian style dhal pourie because that’s what we had. You could use naan, pita, or even toast. 

It is topped with an egg crepe. Recipe below for 3. 

Egg crepes

-5 eggs

-1 tbsp of water

-1 tbsp of flour

Yuzu Pepper Salad

-1 large tomato

– 1-2 cups of lettuce or greens of your choice. We used a mixture of chicory, baby lettuce, mizuna, and spinach. 

-1 tsp of Yuzu Kosho (can be found at any Japanese grocery or online)

-1/2 cup shredded cheese (we used sharp cheddar because that was what we had)

  1. Blend all ingredients together. We use a nutribullet because we are lazy and it is fast. 
  2. Warm a non stick skillet on medium heat and pour a thin layer of the egg mixture. 
  3. You will know when to flip the egg because the sides will start to curl slightly. Make sure to not overcook. 
  4. While eggs are cooking, dice up 1 large tomato in a bowl. We don’t typically use salad dressing, so we keep all of the seeds and pulp. 
  5. Add in yuzu Kosho and mix into tomatoes. 
  6. Toss in lettuce and shredded cheese and mix well
  7. To prep fold egg crepe in 1/2 twice on top of roti and layer with salad mixture. 



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