How to stay slim in Paris

We took a quick weekend getaway to Paris for my birthday. The entire time we wondered, how do people stay so fit while eating such delicious food? We followed them around to find out and stumbled upon some amazing meals along the way! For more details on our trip, check out our Youtube channel TABIBITO!

Most of the places we ate, had menus that changed regularly, so it is difficult to list prices. Our most expensive meal was at A Priori The, where we ordered a brunch set that was ~40euro/person. All of our other meals were between 10-15 euro/person for the food. Crepes ranged from 5-12euro.

Our first stop, just a short walk from our hotel, was Terroir & Burger. The small, slanted restaurant is located in the Passage de Panoramas. It’s easy to brush it off because of the unassuming appearance and gruffy staff. Once inside, it feels like a family-run restaurant that knows all the secrets to the best sauce (in this case, the cheese sauce)!

Veggie burger a la Francais – ratatouille burger with fried potatoes and a cheese dipping sauce
Dessert was a classic creme brulee and Tiramisu. According to my husband, the tiramisu was perfect! His favorite combination is tiramisu with coffee, so he was in heaven.

Check out the trip advisor ratings here.

My husband loves crepes, and was convinced that it should be the priority for most meals while in Paris. I settled on about one crepe a day. I’m sure there are many options, but these two places were pleasant surprises, filled with locals, and did not disappoint!

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Creperie Cat Man in Le Marais, offered both sweet and savory options. we started with a simple whole wheat crepe with emmental to share. then we each ordered sweet options. I was excited to see options with coconut on the menu and chose the dark chocolate with coconut. I liked that the chocolate was actually chocolate instead of nutella (no nutella shade, just think dark chocolate is better). We later checked online, and the restaurant has bad reviews. We’re not sure why because we found it reasonably priced, with good service, and some unique crepe options. It’s low-risk to try, so we would still recommend it. We had a great experience. Also, it has 2 floors. The downstairs is warm and cozy. It seemed like the perfect place for a date!

La Creme de Paris is located in the Montmartre area a short walking distance from the Grands Boulevards metro stop. It was about a 5 minute walk from our hotel. We walked past it every night after exiting the Metro and wondered why there were always so many people. Our last night we decided to stop in and see what all the fuss was about. we met a grumpy waitress who quickly sat us down and frowned at our bad French (hey, we tried!!!). As a last hurrah we ordered champagne and crepes! They also sell Belgian-style waffles, beer, and wine.

My birthday fell on Sunday, which meant that many restaurants were closed, including the Michelin star one’s we failed to make reservations for in advance. This resulted in us wandering from our hotel towards the Louvre and stumbling upon the perfect birthday brunch at A Priori Thé in Galerie Vivienne. This was by far my favorite meal of our trip. The set menu came with:

  1. tea or coffee
  2. Fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice
  3. scrambled eggs
  4. warm bread and scone
  5. main coarse
  6. dessert
I usually don’t go for scrambled eggs like this, but they were impeccably prepared. It pays to keep an open mind.


This cheesecake was the perfect birthday cake. It had a speculoos crust and the cake itself was just the right sweetness and lightness.

In between meals, we stopped for coffee at several of the cafes along the way. Thank goodness for strong coffee to beat the jetlag on a short trip!


Our conclusions on staying slim:

  1. Eat high-quality, fresh food
  2. Eat small meals
  3. Bike or walk to your next eating destination
  4. Enjoy life!

Comment below on what you like to eat in Paris and how you think they stay fit!

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